Ready, Set, Action! Interviewing Seko Shamte

In a post I wrote a while back I mentioned being surrounded by some phenomenal women. One of these women is an old friend I was honestly kinda jealous of, back in sixth grade. She was cool, dynamic, and knew the lyrics to all the songs! (LOL) Our Cameroonese teacher would bring up a song and a few of us would sing as he wrote on the chalk board. As many different scholastic experiences as I have had, that remains one of the most memorable and fondest time of all. One room, 90+ students, no A/C, learning about Civics and singing Hip Hop and R&B songs.

Let’s get back to this astounding woman, though, this alkemist of sorts.

Her name…

is Seko Shamte.

She kindly agreed to answer some questions for me, as I began a series of interviews of women who are successful in their chosen paths. I am no longer jealous of her, but am uber proud of her work ethic, her determination, and her conviction in the work that needs to be done to tell Africa’s true stories, and I am honored to call her my friend. I am happy to see her soar high as she surveys the world to see what she is going to film next. Without further ado… here is my interview with Seko Shamte:

Thanks for tuning in. See you next time!


Seko Shamte is a writer, producer, and director from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

She was born and raised in Dar es Salaam with brief stints in the United States of America where she attended university, graduating with a Bsc. in Finance (Hons.) and a minor in Media Studies from Marymount Manhattan College in NYC, NY.

She has been instrumental in getting Tanzanian stories on international television screens since 2008, producing news stories for CNN International, ABC networks in the US and the BBC in the UK.

She began her career as the head of programming at East Africa Television since its inception in 2003, creating many of its seminal programs including City Sounds, Ze Comedy and many more hits. She left in 2008 to set up Alkemist Media with the mission of making meaningful African content that would uplift and educate its people. 

Her many projects where she served as a writer, producer, and director, include: 

  • Mkwawa: Shujaa wa Mashujaa, a feature documentary on the life and death of Chief Mkwawa of Uhehe who defeated the Germans in a pivotal battle, during colonialism. Link to trailer click here
  • The Team Tanzania, a 13-part television show that is also available on YouTube. Click here to see the first Episode.
  • And her first feature film, Homecoming. To view the trailer, please click here.

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