For Women’s Month: Interviewing Miriam Odemba

Happy Women’s Month!

It has been a while since I have written anything on here. There has been much creative outlet, just on other…paper, and on canvas! Yes…much on canvas. I am extremely happy to come to you with this snipet of the interview I had with Miss Miriam Odemba; Tanzanian international model and health activist.

Here is a bit of our interview. Please visit World Moms Network for the full interviw.


Excerpt of Interview:


S: Wow! Having seen so many places must have been very exciting! So in your travel and experience within the modelings industry, what are some differences you have noticed in how modeling is viewed in Tanzania and in other countries?

M: In Tanzania we need to have more things (in modeling). We need to develop this business . We don’t have that many modeling agencies. It is difficult to go international for models. This is why on long term I want to open my own model agency. Countries like Sudan, Senegal, Uganda they have more models. This is part of the Fashion Industry development. I think Tanzania has a role to play. We need to play hard to get international. Models are Ambassadors of their countries.


S: So, what are your thoughts on being a woman and being in shape? Do you think it matters and why?

M: As a woman you need to love yourself. To be proud of yourself. Wake up in the morning and think you are beautiful…..

You can find Miss Odemba through the following social media handles:

Instagram: @MiriamOdemba
Twitter: @Odemba4


Visit World Moms Network for the complete interview & stay tuned for more interviews with other phenomenal women.

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