Sophia Who? An interview with Tes Silverman

Sometime around this past February, after the publication of Sofi’s Short Stories, I was approached about being interviewed for a phenomenal podcast, r(E)volutionary Woman. That episode aired today! Tes Silverman is the artist behind the scenes and founder of r(E)volutionary Woman. She interviews women from around the world to ask them about the amazing things…

Who Said? She Said! (Perspective)

The more you learn your lessons, the less you feel the losses; not because the opportunities won’t be there, but because your perspective will have changed. Who said? Sophia Neghesti-Johnson said.

Who Said? She Said!

“Konokono ndiyo anabeba nyumba” (Translation: The snail carries its home; (inferred: humans don’t carry theirs”) Who said? Bibi Fatma said.

Who Said? She Said! (Stankolada)

She said: “Pineapple and coconut are great together but not in the form of funk!” Who said? Yomi (7yrs old) said. (In reference to a deodorant 🤣)

Who Said? She Said! (Art & Soul)

She said: “God is such a Painter. To remove art from schools is like removing soul from humanity.” Who said? Sophia Zarina Neghesti-Johnson said.

The Active Realization of Self

N.B. I have used the word realize ample times. I’ve done so with thought. 🙏🏽 When we lack self confidence, and we keep commenting, silently, jokingly, or otherwise, on how out of shape we look, and how we aren’t that beautiful… we are too this and not enough of that…when we are at this …,…

A Dive Within

Sitting down to meditate is a daily activity I strive and hope to achieve, but one that isn’t always possible. So in comes being in a meditative state. This does not mean walking around in a daze, but to live in the waking world while being purposefully conscious of our spiritual journey, and with the…

On A Day Like This

“Everybody has days like this, sis” my big brother simply said, after checking on me for a bit longer than he usually can. We didn’t really talk about it, because…well, what new thing is there to say when you’re feeling kind of disheartened for no ‘apparent’ reason? You already know what to do about it…find…

“Listen…” Said the Heart, “The trees are talking”

Sometimes, when the breeze passes through the trees, I ask my children if they hear the wind and the leaves make music and if they see them dancing. Have you ever heard this music? Have you ever seen this dance? I hope you have. It’s quite beautiful. This past July I went to India for…