A Thought About Africa

Luca Neghesti wrote: “Maybe it isn’t about democratizing Africa, but about Africanizing democracy”

This really has me thinking.

Maybe the issue with many of us around the world, including Africa, is that we have bought the belief that Africa is ‘less than’. That somehow we, Africans, have to apologize for being who we are, how we are. That for some reason we have to catch up with the rest of the world, internalize and accept all modes of conduct and not bring our own to the table. I think the issue is that we are losing sight of the value we have, being busy adapting to what the majority of the media and capitalism is showing us.

Even children, who have a completely clean slate, learn things consciously and subconsciously. Have you watched that study in which dark-skinned children thought the lightest dolly was the best one, the most beautiful one, the one with the nicest character? I’m sure most of their parents weren’t teaching them this, even though we must be careful about how we joke around with our children.

However, all is not lost. Not at all. In fact, in Africa it seems that the spark is becoming a roaring fire, moving to sanitize what is causing disease, to ward off fires that are destructive, and to warm the whole Earth.

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