Living the Dream

The other day I was thinking about life and individual dreams. I was specifically thinking about how when we focus on the achievement of making our own dreams a reality, sometimes it seems easy to want to conform others to help us achieve our dreams. While at other times (or simultaneously) we may try to sabotage or hate on someone else’s dreams, in belief that our own is threatened if hers (or his) come true.

Well, I realized a truth, in words I hadn’t strung together before, that as a species, and as  living things there must be a collective dream; we may have just forgotten what it is and what our individual roles are in its achievement. I believed, in that moment, that if we relearned to focus on our collective dream, that all of our individual dreams would come true as well because they would:

1) have changed in order to fulfill the collective one, and…

2) fall on the path of fulfilling the collective one

Therefore, we, or our children’s children’s children, would all be living the dream.

In the Bahá’i Faith, Bahá’u’lláh states “…. Know thou that every fixed star hath its own planets, and every planet its own creatures, whose number no man can compute. ….” ~ Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, LXXXII

If this is true, could there be a larger collective dream, and do we all perhaps know it deeply within ourselves?

What do you believe?


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