Ngorongoro Zebra Crossing (Part Two)

What could it be???


Aahhhh… It’s a bunch of these animals!


OK, OK, Juuust kidding! It was cheetahs!!


They were gorgeous! They walked right through the many trucks from one side of the road to the other! They were hunting.


Our driver got word of a lion sighting, which wasn’t always easy to get, so we didn’t see what the cheetahs ended up hunting. Turns out they got a wildebeest


There were huge herds of them! The hyenas were laughing their bellies toward the wildebeest, salivating on the way.



Here a lion and lioness are celebrating their matrimony. Our driver said their wedding lasts an entire week! How about that!


We got lucky and spotted another pride down the road, taking a nap under the hot sun.


After the lions, as we passed by a small body of water, we saw some resting hippos. I didn’t check to see if they were hungry too.


I took so many photos!!! I won’t post them all. You must go experience this for yourself! You will never want to go see these animals in the zoo again; and especially not in a circus!!! The crater is 100 square miles! No circus or zoo can offer that.

We were driven to a rest spot to have a boxed lunch, and then we returned above the crater. On the way up, we saw a giraffe…maybe it was looking to rendezvous with that one elephant. Hehehe!


Thank you for coming along and I hope you can go and take some pictures too!

If you are interested in traveling to Tanzania, you may contact me for agency information. True Tanzania Safari is my top choice, then Tanzania Private Select Safaris, and Zara Tours. They are all great companies and trustworthy!

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