Ngorongoro Zebra Crossing (Part One)

In 2010 my then 8 year old daughter and I went home to Tanzania. Besides wanting to meet more of her family, see a new place…my birth place, and trying new foods and desserts, she really wanted to go on a safari.

Well, technically speaking, traveling to Tanzania was already a safari, but I knew what she meant; and she learned that, in Kiswahili, safari means journey.

We missed the Great Migration of the animals in the Serengeti, so we opted to go to Ngorongoro Crater. When I was younger I wondered if it was called a crater because of a fallen meteor. Alas! I was mistaken! Ngorongoro is formed from a collapsed volcano and now supports its own ecosystem.
In the following photographs you will see photos of every animal residing in Ngorongoro, except for the Rhino. There were SIX rhinos when we were there, but they are said to be shy and to go into hiding soon after daylight breaks.
I hope you enjoy these photos as we go through one of my country’s beautiful National Parks!

My cousin Shah was kind enough to drive us from Akaria (where we went to a traditional Masai celebration) to Karatu. We stayed at the Giraffe Executive Inn, which I definitely recommend as a good place to rest prior to going to Ngorongoro.



A baboon welcomes us to the conservation area. He wasn’t going to give us directions, though. Lol


About to make our descent… 2,000 feet down.


Before heading into the Crater we see Lake Manyara in the distance


A lonesome elephant on the way down (which the guide said was unusual to see this high above the crater’s floor).


On the way to the crater. It was so beautiful!


The first zebras we see! It was very exciting!!




Such cool animals….


As soon as we get into the crater, there is some traffic on one of the roads. Traffic hopefully means there is an animal besides a zebra about!


What could it be?


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