I LOVE FOOD! Food journey in Tanzania (Part III)

I have done it! I am now hungry. Thinking of all these foods and reminiscing the decadent tastes of them all has really made my stomach rumble!

The last blog took us through foods we ate in Dar es Salaam and Arusha, but mostly in Zanzibar. In retrospect I could have divided these foods per region, but most if not all of the items, are available in all the regions covered 🙂

I have been waiting to talk you through the pilau experience. Pilau is an all-inclusive dish ….not ALL, but pretty inclusive dish that I absolutely love! Its main ingredient is arguably rice and there are spices without which you cannot make pilau.
While visiting my Aunt Shahjehan in Arusha we made chicken pilau. My nephew got a chicken he raised himself and all the other ingredients were in the house. In this pilau we used rice, chicken, potatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, cloves, anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, and the must have spice: cardamom. Actually, I use nutmeg in my pilau and maybe we didn’t use it here.


Here is a possible answer to the question: ‘What came first, the chicken or the egg?’ They clearly came together 🙂


Here is the final product. The extremely delicious and addictive food called pilau!! It is accompanied by kachumbari …a really easy-to-make tangy & refreshing salad. Kachumbari is typically made with salt-rinsed & finely sliced onions, sliced tomatoes, & lemon juice. We had some cucumbers here too.

Karibuni! Welcome!


Pilau can alternatively be made with other meats, or without them. My favorite pilau now may be the prawn one. My recipe for it is in my cookbook so I cannot release it here yet 🙂 So good & child and husband-approved!

This pilau was a part of a celebration in Akaria village, in the outskirts of Arusha, where some Maasai friends live. They made their pilau with beef meat and washed beef intestines. They also added green bananas. I wasn’t so much into the intestines, although I have tried chicken intestines before. So I just ate around them 🙂



As you have journeyed with me, I hope you have tasted the varied flavors of Tanzania. I do not have pictures of ugali (a slightly harder white-maize version of polenta) because I ate it so fast! However, ugali is a staple in Tanzania just as is rice.
You may find spreads like these… With porridge, milk chai, & fried fish…


Or spreads like these….with Nutella, jams & bread, tea & freshly made passion fruit juice…


Or spreads the like of this…. With rices, stew chicken, fried chicken, etc…


One thing that you will find no matter the spread, is the sweet natural taste of everything. If it’s not the Nutella, it’s the Tanzanian tea. If not the ugali, it’s the sauce that comes with it.

I hope you go visit Tanzania some time & try some of these amazing foods!
Thank you for traveling with me.
Kwaheri (Bye bye).

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