Angels & Olive Oil

I know if I hadn’t done it I would have asked myself that everlasting “what if?”, and that is not a fun open-ended question with which to live.

Lil’ Big’s Kiss


Babies: Safety, love, & family.

  Have you ever been in a situation in which a family member, say, your aunt, happens to be around you and your baby & asks you a question that sounds like she isn’t sure you have fully considered the safety of your baby prior to doing whatever you’re doing (and you know that you…

My Suckling Babe

So… my little baby is now a whole year old. I breastfed her for her first six months of life. I couldn’t believe I still had milk, although I understood how milk production worked. Every time she would leave a satisfied customer, or I pumped more than six ounces of milk (at 5, 6 months)…