An Unlikely Meeting

While swimming in open waters, immersed in a world set a 1000 years from now, the Princess was happy to be alive. Being a princess sounded fancy, but most people didn’t know of the physical, mental, and emotional battles the Princess fought figuratively and in actuality. Most people didn’t see the scars she kept so well hidden, or the reasons why she hid them so well. Sometimes she didn’t know why she hid them, either. Most people…. most people didn’t know she was a Princess, both because of the decisions of her ancestors, and because she didn’t believe she was worthy of any added attention; not realizing attention was not even the purpose of the equation.

The Princess floated close to the surface, facing the sky; her eyes closed and her face feeling the mix of the cool & warm Aegean breezes. She loved swimming in these waters. They were a calming and soothing balm to the Princess, and she felt more and more in need of being there. Of a sudden, the Samurai appeared as a vision before her. The Princess was used to seeing him so she didn’t open her eyes; though it always made her heart jump a bit, out of surprise. The Samurai remained quiet for a time; as he usually did. To the Princess’s surprise, however, this time the Samurai spoke.

He said:

“For we know that you are a daughter of the Silk Road and the Spice Route. Monsoons and Mediterranean winds followed your forbearers.”

He disappeared in the same way he appeared: as a flash… a moment….a sentence from the universe…sent to the Princess to remind her of who she was.

Everything changed in that moment, in ways the Princess did not fully realize for some time. She opened her eyes, and emerged from her oversized bathtub. She had forgotten who she was, but the mention of her ancestors placed the Princess on those particular roads; bringing forth memories not of her own making, but somehow in her recollection of history made. She could feel the way their feet felt walking on warm, dusty roads; how their bodies moved on their horses’ saddles, and how their faces braved the bitter cold of the north. The Princess felt the winds of the ancient mountains and seas soothing her as her ancestors crossed lands to provide for a future yet to come.

As she came out of her bathroom, the familiar scent of cardamom and ginger wafted toward her and she felt…full; happy. Her daughter had come to visit her and was making chai. The Princess, naked and free, followed the sweet aroma to her daughter, who was ready with a cup of warm chai for her. The Princess’s daughter looked at her mother’s eyes and saw a change…something was happening, but she felt it best to share silence and sip tea. The Princess looked at her daughter, silently thinking of the marvelous journey ahead of them as they took a new look at their past journey.

There was just one question that almost nagged at the Princess; a question that began increasing in its need to be answered:

Just who is the Samurai?

The End.

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