Sophia Who? An interview with Tes Silverman

Sometime around this past February, after the publication of Sofi’s Short Stories, I was approached about being interviewed for a phenomenal podcast, r(E)volutionary Woman. That episode aired today!

Tes Silverman. Photo Credit: r(E)volutionary Woman

Tes Silverman is the artist behind the scenes and founder of r(E)volutionary Woman. She interviews women from around the world to ask them about the amazing things they are up to. When she asked me to be on her podcast I was beside myself! 😃✨✨✨

If you’d like to know more about my story, check out my interview here. While you’re at it, check out the other episodes too 💗; they’re r(E)volutionary!

Photo credit: Sophia

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  1. Wow!! Sophia, thank you so much for being such an awesome guest and for sharing your life, art and your stories with me on the show. I am so honored that you would write about my podcast. To future endeavors, my friend! ❤

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