Let’s Grow Old Together

Have you ever looked at someone romantically, and thought ‘I’d grow old with this person’ ? You might even be with such a person now.

Well, the details of getting older sure are different than what I had in mind in my teens, and early 20s. I saw it as something…cute. Growing old together looked like pictures of a loving couple, taken 10 years apart or so, and showing their smiling faces in their 30s, and 40s, and 70s, etc…

Apart from smiling at one another, the details of growing old together involve opening jar tops, having new body aches, maybe a double-chin (all skin, or plumpy), clickity clackety joints, random pillows for in between the legs and knees and neck and other places. There are other examples too! 😆

Growing old together really forces us to be honest with ourselves as to what beauty we sought out in our partner. It also show us if our ego is checked enough to be okay in the eyes of whose opinion matters, with being associated with someone (romantically) who looks a little more..loose-skin/wrinkley/crickety… and a little less attractive.

Here’s a cheer to getting old, to all who are blessed to go through it! ✨ And here is a cheer to all who wanted to spend their life with a specific someone, and grow old with them, and are living that experience now. 🥰

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