Beauty is in the Eye of the…Beheld?



Here me out. Here’s what I’m thinking & I would love to hear your thoughts on it πŸ™πŸ½

Some people’s beauty is just seen for longer moments, and some for shorter moments, but everybody can see at least a passing moment of beauty in everybody, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but beauty, really…. is in the eye of the beheld. I think that when the beheld remembers their own beauty & they don’t feel like they need outside validation? I think those are the moments when the beholder sees the beauty too. Those are the moments we all appreciate in a deeper way, one that catches us off guard sometimes, because (whether we are fully conscious of this or not) it makes us feel…good…like we did when we felt beautiful all in our own selves. It resonates with all of us. Some might think outer beauty is the most beautiful beauty there is. And given, survival drives us to look for a mate that is fit to provide for its family, but I don’t think that’s really the beautifullest beauty that we possess.


I think it’s in when you feel safe in being you about somebody’s jokes, whether or not you snort. I think it’s in the action taken by somebody when they have paid attention to what you say makes you happy, even if it was just in passing, like… seeing they always get the classic Mentos for their car (and they’re fresh…not the same one pack for the year 😎) I think it’s in when he finally relaxes and believes that he is in the safety of someone with whom he can feel…free. I think that pure, heart-felt feeling, is the beauty that attracts us to the… beheld, and even in other relationships. Friends, even… or the cashier at the gas station who you never see again, but for the 30-60 seconds of a conversation it took you to say hello & say how much fuel you want to purchase, one of you might see that inner beauty…

Y’all know what I’m trying to say.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

But I think really really, true beauty is in the eye of the beheld.

What do you see in this picture? (Photo Credit: myself)

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