The Active Realization of Self

β˜€οΈ (Photo credit: CY photography)

N.B. I have used the word realize ample times. I’ve done so with thought. πŸ™πŸ½

When we lack self confidence, and we keep commenting, silently, jokingly, or otherwise, on how out of shape we look, and how we aren’t that beautiful… we are too this and not enough of that…when we are at this …, with this mentality, we start behaving in the ways that inevitably produce exactly what we fear we look like or we are.

Am I onto something here? πŸ˜ƒπŸ’₯πŸ˜ƒ

Quick Side Note: You ever go back & while proof-reading you have to re-read what you said because it touched you like you’re reading it for the first time? Like…”did I just say that? That’s beautiful!” Hahahaha! Someone please tell me that happens to you! πŸ˜‚ Okay, let me pull myself back all this way from Far Off Topicville.

I don’t know why I haven’t gone for a walk on the beach with a comic costume on before. (Photo credit: Dr. Sybil Rosado)

So, how do I deal? In my case, I love food. No matter how I may have looked to another person, this person right here? This me person? She appreciated a little of herself and saw many faults. She thought she was doing an okay job too, until she understood just how she wasn’t (and I’m done talking in the third person).

Sometimes I go through this process, and to add to how psychology explains it, this, like anything else, may be felt, or spoken, or heard in a different way. Hopefully written and read in a way that you really, really get. Alternatively it might really not be for you! That’s possible. You might read this and suddenly feel how bored you are. πŸ˜‚ And that is okay, too. It takes neither from you, nor from me. You know what I mean? Personally, I love the feeling I feel when I read something that’s old “news”, but touches my soul in a new way. 😌

So, I look back at the course of a few weeks and what “cheats” I have eaten, how frequent they have become. For the most part, I can match it all up with emotional challenges. Then I also feel my physical differences and see that I am…. creating…. the VeRY reality that I fear already exists! It hadn’t existed until I made it. Until I chose it!

It’s like student loans or credit cards! The money isn’t actually real until you use the card! 🧐

I have been creating my feared-reality in real time! I feel that this is SO important for me to understand. Maybe you can relate.

Now that I have realized it, though, and seen it, or understood it first hand, I can stop it. I can redirect it where I want it to be… to who I want to be (a version of myself, of course; not someone else).

Good and bad air create beautiful sunsets together (Photo credit: CY photography)

Self-discovery doesn’t mean I am finding something new about myself that I have no contributive creative power about.

Self-discovery, to me at this moment in time, is realizing our own creative power in becoming who we are, and that, that person, is precisely what we believe we are. So whatchu gon do about it? What will you do? What you will you realize. Ask it with me,

“What me am I realizing?”

…just one more time…. β™₯️

“What me am I realizing?”

Walking through our stored contents/stories/memories/samskaras (Photo credit: CY photography)

Maybe you will (and I really hope you do) love what you see of yourself! If, however, you don’t, you can change your course and realize yourself in the way that you choose. This does not mean life will be super easy from here on out. It only means that you, I, we can deal with it all in a way we only can when we love & understand ourselves better. Capisc o non capisc?

I, sometimes non capisc.

Lastly, is it okay to keep changing as we keep realizing? Who’s watching, right? 😝 Anyways, those are questions for us to ask ourselves. Rhetorical, maybe πŸ₯°

Now to go on and live by these words, myself! I want to. I really really do.

Which You Are You Realizing? πŸ˜ƒ (Photo credit: CY photography)

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