A Dive Within

(Photo credit: CY photography)

Sitting down to meditate is a daily activity I strive and hope to achieve, but one that isn’t always possible. So in comes being in a meditative state. This does not mean walking around in a daze, but to live in the waking world while being purposefully conscious of our spiritual journey, and with the intention of (learning to) listening to our hearts as a guide for our behavior. This time my heart led me to a deep dive within.

So…let’s go diving! ♥️

Walking around in a meditative state sometimes shows me… or makes/helps me feel how we all really actually love each other. Maybe it’s because the meditation is heart-based; what I was introduced to by Heartfulness Meditation

So like….deep, deep down… at a level we suppress because of whateeeeeeeever the bulls**t reasons are… deep down we actually don’t hate or fear each other. We truly, simply love each other

Even the person you hate the most. Go back to why you hate them. 

It could be something as atrocious as rape (as an example). Of course you’re going to hate that person and that experience. 

Rightfully so! 😞 

For a moment though, if you would ♥️🙏🏽… walk with me. … Why did they want to rape someone?
And what is the ‘why’ to that reason, and the ‘why’ to that next reason, so on and so forth?

I think, that it ALL goes back to us having forgotten how connected we actually are (which, the fact that we don’t remember is damned hilarious if you have that kind of humor). It all goes back to fear and hate; which come from having forgotten that we truly love every single one of us (all humans) (other animals are a part of another conversation). 

When in time, did that person who committed the rape forget that they are loved by all of us and they truly love us in return? What happened that they forgot their power doesn’t come from disempowering someone else; that they are beautiful creations and don’t need outside approval, or to control anyone else, or let themselves become their animalistic nature?

Yet it is absolutely within one’s right to feel hate and act in the way that will help us survive; maybe both mentally and physically. At least that’s what I believe.

Thing is, I don’t know how to help anyone remember (how connected we are) at a higher rate and a faster speed. I think being myself is the best way I can contribute in the hopes to remind at least one person, and maybe they will help someone else remember; just by being. I don’t mean passively or actively being. I mean in the way that is a true heart-based expression of our individual selves. By trying to reignite that love light 😃 Maybe then that number will grow, and we’ll be done with the sh*t! 

Otherwise it feels like we are choosing to go forward with a lot more pain, chaos, and suffering. You might not believe life has reason. That’s your prerogative. If you do, though, believe life has reason, what is the uLLLtiMatE reason why we are going through all of this? This lack of remembering. And if it is true that divinity is within us…that we are divine in essence…then it would make sense that we could come to a realization of ourselves that would understand what the reason is. A realization of divine consciousness that sees the …grand puzzle, if you will. It’s such a beautiful and a sad realization or vision; or remembering.

At this level, the details of the hate with which we treat each other, these details, are not what we are looking at. We are looking at the cosmic ‘why’.
I know these types of conversations are really hard to have(at least for me), because things that occur within us in meditation might not have a verbalizable description. So what to do? Trust what comes out of your heart, and share it with the world.


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