Nancy Sumari: Woman Extraordinaire


Women’s History Month is coming to an end, and we are continuing our Phenomenal Women Series with power! We will continue showcasing women even after March is over, because there is so much to celebrate, acknowledge, and be inspired by!

For this post I interviewed none other than Nancy Sumari. I thank you, Mama Zuri, for taking the time to do this interview with me, and I wish you continued success in all your endavours!

Here is a snipet of the interview:

“….S: If there was anything you could tell young African girls, what top three things would you tell them?

N: 1. Bloom where you have been planted – We don’t have the choice of our beginnings, but if we take charge of our narratives and focus on excellence of self and others, we bloom and consequently others do so too.
2. Trust in your journey – With the rise of social media, we often are enslaved with other people’s lives, their achievements, way of doing things, and often fall victim to questioning oneself. You are unique and so is your journey. be the best and let God do the rest.
3. Serve – in whatever capacity you are, we should all be able to give back. It is good for your soul and good for the world! Do everything in service

S: The last question I have for you is this: if you could tell your younger self anything, what would you say? ….”

To view the complete interview, please visit my post on World Moms Network.  If you’d like to see more of what Nancy Sumari is doing, please check out her Instagram, and Twitter accounts. You can find out more information about Jenga Hub on Facebook , The Neghesti-Sumari Foundation on Twitter or Facebook, and for Bongo5, please click <here>


Celebrating on International Women’s Day with Dr Esther Mwaikambo, the president of the Tanzania Academy of Sciences, and with other phenomenal women.



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