The Seat Next To Her

While looking at photographs for a current project I came across this photo.


It made me think. This is one of many women by whom I am surrounded who are intelligent, beautiful, dynamic, fun, and overall wonderful.

I have also noticed that most of the women around me are really strong women. They have their own struggles, but they exude this vibe of self-confidence, pride, fierceness for life and love, and sometimes a look that can be a tad bit intimidating.

So this photo made me think of men who might see this photo and think they would want to sit next to a woman of this calibre. It made me think of men and wonder what type of man would want to sit next to a woman of this calibre. What would they each see? Would they see color? Hair? Eyes? Face and body expression? Clothing?

What would they see?

What do you see?

Would you sit next to the woman whom this woman represents, with all this space next to her?

Does she want someone to sit next to her? Maybe she likes space. Would you want to find out?

Please share your response(s) in the comment section. I am very curious to read your thoughts on this.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. James says:

    I see much more because I already know most of those characteristics you mention previously. I see the true pure essence of a woman; she exudes power and wisdom beyond the normal fair and can complement any man that is fortunate enough to spark her interest and keep her mentally stimulated. And of course the male that I am, cannot look past her natural “curves and lines”; her physical attributes speak to me in a language that is primal at least and full of colors which can only be interpreted as rich, erotic and mysterious.
    So you ask would I sit there?…as inviting as the space is .., my answer is “hell yes”!
    Your real question should be; ‘whom does she want there’….


    1. ThinkSayBe says:

      Thank you for your response, James! That’s definitely good feedback!!


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