Potty Training The Boy

We all know that all this…..

Leads to some pooping!

While you (or your wife was) were pregnant with a boy you may have come across at least one person who said: “Yeah…potty training boys is hard!”, or: “be ready to be peed on at every diaper change” or something along those lines. You may have also heard that not two babies are alike, and I completely agree! I would like to add to that: not all boys are the same in that they don’t all pee on you at every diaper change, and they are not all hard to potty train. Yay!!

I wasn’t thinking of writing this post because it seemed normal to me that a lot of baby boys potty trained like my baby did. It was my sister, however, who expressed how amazing it was that he has gotten the training down…or at least 98% of it, before being two years old. So here I am: to share how training took place.

Around mid July our son started pulling his diaper down as he walked about, when the diaper was either full of pee, or had any poop in it. So by the end of July we decided to start training him. The oracle (Google.com) had a lot of information about training boys, some also mentioning that it was hard to do it. One article in particular was about potty training two-year olds; not boys in particular. This article read “potty train your baby in 3 days” I said Whaaaaaat? The trick was in picking the right time and having three days in which you could dedicate yourself to potty runs, letting your baby understand his body, and handle possible ‘spills’ around the house.

We started training our son and in three days he was 90% trained! One thing we did not do, and haven’t yet done, is not put a diaper on at night. He still wears one, though he has seldom peed in one since the 3-day training. He has had a few accidents over the past month and a half, mostly peeing on the floor while playing, or eating, or when he gets to the potty a little too late to actually sit down. He has had fewer pooping accidents, but hasn’t had any since the end of August, when our dear friend happened to be watching him (so sorry, love!)

My husband and I have watched our son and the things he does when he is ready to go potty but is too engaged in something else. So we send him, and sure enough he uses it. We have a stand alone potty, and a child seat to put on the regular toilet. He likes using both, and cleaning up after himself. This last part was a bit of an unwanted thing for me because sometimes, at the beginning, our son would miss the bowl and there would be sh*t everywhere! Sorry, I mean pee & poo everywhere! Well, not everywhere, but it seemed like it. LOL!

As the article suggested, we offered The Boy more liquids throughout the day, so he would get the urge to

pee and know to go potty when he had that urge. We also followed the 15-minute interval potty runs, as suggested in the article, and then listened to his body and extended the 15 minutes to 20, then 30 minutes. I used an alarm so that he and his 3 year old sister both knew when the alarm sounded, it was time for The Boy to go potty!

He now will go out with us for hours and not pee; even if we put on a pull-up just in case we don’t get to a clean toilet in time. His accidents now are pee only and when he doesn’t reach the toilet in time (so the pee will be around the potty and in it).

He still sits to both pee and poo, but is trying to be like daddy and pee standing up. Let’s just say that his daddy is working with him on figuring that out.

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