Meditation High – A Spiritual Being Having a Spiritual Experience

Meditation has meant quite a few things for me and subsequently my family. There isn’t a best reason for me to practice it, instead, there are many reasons why meditation is always the thing I need (when I do take the time to meditate).

This is my experience in the last session led by a Heartfulness Meditation guide.

When I mention relaxation, I speak of the time from the very beginning of the session, when I slowly relax every bit of my body. I keep relaxation going until the end.

Whereas when I mention cleansing, I speak of the time after relaxation when I remove complexities and fill myself with light.

I don’t mention God in this because even though I believe in God, I don’t believe someone has to believe in God as in God (instead of Creator or Goddess, or other) to meditate and have a spiritual experience. I don’t know God in all that God is, and so it isn’t for me to place such judgment on anyone’s ability to experience creation.


Eyes closed


Body relaxing


During relaxation I felt mother earth entering through the bottom of my feet by feeling an earthy (soil) comforting feeling, like a warm hug, along with a light green color, and deeper-green leaves here and there. It started through my feet and slowly came up to my waist. I didn’t really sense it go further until later.

During relaxation I envisioned my heart being hollow and made of strings of light; a network of lights. It felt alive. Around it was a network of light-strings as well, but my heart was clearly defined.

During relaxation I experienced what I usually do, which is a contracting circle of light… usually goes from purple to white or white to purple. It’s not a defined circle but one that blends in its margins, with the background that is always black. It repeats itself over and over. It didn’t last as long as usual today.

During cleansing I imagined billows of smoke leaving from the tip of my head to the bottom of my spine, and out through my whole back. The first time I felt this, the smoke looked bad… unruly. This time it started out with a pretty curl, almost like paisley but pointed. It looked like pretty smoke that you draw. It still felt good for it to leave.

During cleansing I imagined my heart being filled from the bottom up, with liquid light. It seemed thick liquid, like gold is when melted. It was white or maybe it was reflecting the lights from the light-strings surrounding it. As it filled up there was a bit of a ripple and the liquid moved in a light wave.

During cleansing I imagined a quick sequence of flowers. First a lotus; fully opened, then a yellow-petal sunflower that was immediately followed by a daisy. They were in the middle. I don’t know of what, but in the middle and stacked in front of each other.

During cleansing as I saw the light-strings that made the shape of my heart, and saw it fill up with that liquid, and as I envisioned the atoms in my body, my body hollowed out and was replaced with tiny blue ball-like things with the ‘om’ sign on them. It felt that they all had different Sanskrit symbols (or other language symbols) on there, but the only one I recognized was the ‘om’ symbol. These tiny spheres were all pulsating and completely filled my body around my heart as I described it above.

During cleansing I felt my heart was a spiraling collection of stardust. I literally felt its sameness with all that exists out of the supernova from whence we came. And I was emotionally moved by the fact that of all things in creation, my heart is a collection of particles perfectly put together, different only in atomic weight from a peach or bark of a tree…. Perfectly created to keep me alive (at least on a physical sense). As I imagined this I felt its density, and it was no longer being filled with liquid; it was no longer formed by a network of light-strings. It was swirling stars.

During cleansing I felt mother earth change from being soil and green light and comforting, to being that and also ocean and sand. I felt a light wave, as if I was in the ocean underwater, and felt the sand beneath me getting gently pushed from right to left (at the bottom of my legs, like all of this was happening within the confines of my body).

I was led into a choice of opening my eyes if I was ready. I usually am ready, even if the meditation is great. This time I wasn’t ready; I wanted to feel the ocean waves again. I also wanted to share my experience with my guide, though, and I knew I would draw and paint all of this.


I'm reaching up


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