The 2016 Food Post: The Tanzania Experience PART II: Arusha


Part I of this list was all about Dar es Salaam. We ate more foods than I mentioned, but hey, you may just have to go try all of them yourself. If you’d like to go, let me know!

AICC Nyama Choma

I am not sure what this place is called, but I know you have to go to the AICC building (or thereabout) (maybe I should ask) to get this grilled chicken. It’s pretty good chicken. Not as good as Khan’s, though, in my opinion, but definitely worth a try!


Khan’s is right on Mosque Street. They sell nyama choma and mishkaki with a side of a few dips and salads. The coconut chutney side is quite delicious and has just the right amount of kick.


Naro’s House

Same as My Mama’s House, this is not a food establishment, but the house of one of my peoples. Lol! Our friends made a whole bunchof delicious food and also got some nyama choma from AICC, which is how I learned about it. After a day at Temi Falls, a trip that was courtesy of our same friends, we went back to Naro’s House and ate, ate, and ate some more!! The food was delicious!!




Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge

The food at this place is just phenomenal! Their fruit salad was fresh and out-of-this-world good! The chapati za maji, aka crepes, were perfect. The salad was great (which, in Tanzania, that is doubly appreciated, as you have to wash the lettuce with clean water, and sometimes dry it before eating it). One morning I walked into the breakfast area and a couple advised that I should try the eggs benedict. I did. I am glad I did, as it was the best eggs benedict I have had possible ever! Ngare Sero is MUCH more than a food place. You should definitely take the time to read about its history and what they offer.


Also not a public food place, is our other Mama’s House.

She made so much good food and I am sorry I don’t have more pictures of it. However, to keep the food information relevant, I’ll show some nyama choma made at her house, since there aren’t any photos I took at Khan’s or of AICC’s place.

Nyama Choma
There is pilau being cooked in this pot. What you see on top of the lid is hot coals.



While in Tanzania we also had mishkaki at Le Patio, and it was great. In fact I would recommend that place for food, good vibes, and great live music! There was a young woman, when we were there, who was singing jazz songs and popular US hits, and she was leaning against a beam, sandals on, no pretense. She was really good!  If you visit Arusha, visit Le Patio. It’s one or two streets behind Mount Meru Hotel. I should also mention, that we had our toddlers with us at a night party. The staff was really accommodating and pushed some sofas together for the kids to rest; should they have wanted (Our 3 year old wasn’t trying to rest, though. She was busy dancing!)


That’s all for now! I hope you get many chances to try new spices and foods, and that when you are presented with these opportunities, that you try at least one bite of everything. Like I tell my kids: Just try one bite. Chew on it a few times. If you like it, fine. If you don’t you can spit it out.








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