Replace the Wheat With the Coconut & Eat It All Up.

As I was measuring ingredients to make some grain-free cookies tonight, I thought about the many times we begged to lick the bowl when a cake was made at home, or to taste some of the raw mix after making a batch of cookies. As a child I ate both and never got sick, but as a parent I am hesitant to let my teenager try these raw mixes, and I haven’t let my toddler & infant try them at all. I guess I’m a little paranoid they might get salmonella or something.

So tonight, as I mixed my ingredients, I realized that my kids could actually eat the batter and be completely okay. The recipe is one I found on, and you can click here to take a look at it & try it out. All it requires is coconut flour, raw honey, and butter. Yup! That’s it! What’s really cool is that it only takes 6-7 minutes to bake!

What’s also really cool, is that for those who like to hold a little chemistry and maths class at home, this recipe calls for tablespoons of all three ingredients. 6 of coconut flour, 4 of butter, 2 of raw honey. Both of my younger children love measuring things and helping in the kitchen, so this is definitely something I’ll have to try with them. I add a few variations to the recipe, but don’t change the three ingredients.


Try it out 🙂 They’re tasty, healthier than wheat-flour cookies, and they melt in your mouth like…shortbread cookies. Yum!

“Replace the wheat with the coconut and eat it all up, replace the wheat with the coconut and eat it all up…” (Think of the song “You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up”.

Have an awesome day!




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