A Photo for You = Education for a Girl

A Photo Shoot with Grandma, because Grandma sees her babies growing up so quickly!

It’s spring time! It’s time for new things, reassessment of new year’s resolutions, some thorough cleaning, and pollen everywhere! When it comes to wanting something new and cleaning ‘house’ thoroughly, I believe we can do so in various ways. Surely keeping my living space clean is good and necessary for my overall wellbeing, but I have wondered what else I can do. How about spending my time and energy in better ways? Do you feel like you could do the same?

Spring comes with the feeling of having overcome a harsh time. For me springtime brings with it creativity and hopefulness. I want to take those feelings and apply them toward at least one thing that will be good for my family unit, but also for people I don’t know. I want to apply it doing something altruistic, and let’s face it, being altruistic makes one feel pretty good about herself too! I am sure you have experienced many moments when though your intention was sincere and you hadn’t yourself in mind, by doing something for someone else you ended up feeling really happy. Right? (smile)

As some of you may know or have gathered from other posts, I am originally from Tanzania. Jambo! I do, however, live in the United States. So I thought: “what could I do differently this year, to help others?” Immediately I thought of literacy and particularly girls’ education. There is a school in Zanzibar (Regeza Mwendo Secondary School) with which we have been working since 2008, to send girls there to school. Nevertheless, I thought I want to do something here in the US.

Though it isn’t widely covered on the news or on social media, there is a shocking level of poverty here in America, with some communities living in such condition that you’d think they were in a ‘third world’ country’s poorer areas. So it is that I am certain there are girls here who need help with going to school, or at least being school-ready with supplies and the like.

What will I do differently this year? It’s simple! I book photo shoots and when I get paid I allot money not only for the girls in Zanzibar, but also for the girls here, who need to go to school! All girls need to go to school. Boys need to attend school as well, but my focus is girls’ education.

If you’d like to join my efforts, book me for your portraits, your parties and other events, maternity photos, school pictures, pet photos, or just because! Book me and together we can fund girls’ education locally and internationally!

Thank you!

Girls Strong!00A9-500x500.png

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