I LOVE FOOD! Food journey in Tanzania (Part I)

So…. I love food! I enjoy the chemistry behind the sweet smell of a German Chocolate cake made from scratch, and the tart fishy smell of Tom Yum Kung soup that takes over the air through the vapors from the boiling water. Home cooked food is the food for me! In Tanzania, even when you go to most local restaurants and to Mama Ntilie locations, the food tastes like it was made at home; and it’s delicious!!!
(Mama Ntilie is how the ladies who own small food joints are called. Nitilie in this context means ‘put some on my plate’)

These pictures are from my visit in 2010. Some are from Dar es Salaam, some from Arusha, and Akaria village.
We often tease that the chipsi mayai bought on the street cannot be replicated at home, as its final taste is a blend of potatoes cooking in a lot of oil that was heated on charcoal, by a dusty road. Lol! These things are superb! Chipsi Mayai…. [On the left you can see her pouring scrambled mayai (eggs) on the chips].


You pour some Dabaga Chili sauce on those chipsi mayai and you are good to go! If you get the kachumbari salad that goes with it, make sure the water used whilst making it, was clean. No need to risk it!

Next up? …. The most delicious tuna sandwich I have EVER tasted, and a really good bacon cheese burger from AfriCafe’ in Arusha.



The following food items were found at a place in Arusha… I wish I remembered its name to share with you all. Cheap price, clean place, scrumptious food! Cutlets, bajia, egg & meat chops, biryani, chapati, and a series of natural juices! Passion fruit and mango juice were a top choice!



These are the seeds I mentioned in the Arusha National Park blog. They are from the baobab tree and we call these prepared seeds Ubuyu. We use a food dye to make them red, and sugar to sweeten them up. The seeds are often processed into powder and it is known to possess great nutritional properties.


Breakfast at Masai Camp in Arusha in Kijenge ya Chini. Very tasty, and the chef was really nice!


This plate shows a few things that make me miss Tanzania. Rice, beans, a beef stew, sautéed spinach, & bitter aubergine. Couldn’t I make all this here? Sure, I could. I have! It really does not taste the same! The food was from a lunch buffet at the Movenpik Royal Palm Hotel in Dar es Salaam, which is now a Serena Hotel.


Many Tanzanians use this method of cooking at home, and at the Mama Ntilie joints. The charcoal is put on top to cook the food more evenly as it still sits on the kerosene or charcoal stove or on charcoal on the ground.



The picture above also shows the reason why my clothes drying on the line would smell like smoke! Hahahaha! I wouldn’t change that experience for anything!

Please continue this food journey with me as we have a little taste of pilau, breadfruit, senene, and more delicious foods!

If you are interested in traveling to Tanzania, you may contact me for agency information. True Tanzania Safari is my top choice, then Tanzania Private Select Safaris, and Zara Tours. They are all great companies and trustworthy!

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