Weekly Photo Challenge: (theme of the week) …. The Postcard Window

Postcard Window
It’s 05:26a.m. and I am delirious at work. Thankfully my duties don’t require that I stay out of such a state…of delirium, and I must say it is quite an enjoyable state of consciousness!
A few minutes ago I logged into WordPress and saw a beautiful photograph. It first looked like a painting on canvas, then like a picture that had been blown up to look like a real-size window. Then, I saw that what I was looking at was a picture of a window and of some people sitting at tables on the street down below! Fantastic! It reminded me of being in the theatre, watching Broadway’s Lion King, the musical, and how at times I had to really look at the actors on stage and tell myself these people were real!!! Same thing with this picture I mention. It was of real-time people, of a real-time place, and the colors of the paint on the wall surrounding the window were just really awesome!
This picture I have here posted, is not like the one I just finished describing; and maybe that is a given and an unnecessary observation. Still, I like to pay respect where it is due, and much respect is due to the artist behind that photo!!!
This picture on my blog is of the morning view from the building in which I work. The picture isn’t centered, and there is a couch that has little to do with what’s happening out there…the open space to which the window is opening itself.
I find myself in awe, however, of what is coming together right in front of my eyes. Let me tell you…if you blink, you miss it. No, you don’t miss the whole thing, but you miss the little changes… the subtle rise of a variety of colors in the painting that is dawn. You blink again and you miss the small changes in the creation of today’s painting of sunrise. So it is that I look outside of this paneled window intermittingly with doing my job. I see the horizon become lighter, and the sky above it dances in new, thin waves of reds, oranges, pinks, purples, and greys….getting thicker and thicker, these waves. They push up against the dark blue, and the darkness that was night. Maybe they aren’t pushing against them, maybe the new colors are helping the blue & the black out of the way, as a way is cleared out for the new colors in return.
I try to focus on my work but how can I NOT look at that painting out there? The next thing? I have to get my camera! Well, the camera in my phone. I must photograph this and share it with the world! So I get out of my closed-off area, and get closer to this window, creating my own art by framing the window, the dawn & then sunrise, and trying to do it as much justice as possible! I see the couch…. I think the couch should be in it. The couch says relax. The white, sterile-looking couch says that in a perfect world, there would be enough order for a person….any person anywhere, to sit down, have a quiet moment to be with herself, and enjoy viewing the creation of such a glorious morning painting in the sky! It says that any person anywhere should have a peaceful moment…a moment with the background full of the warmth that the colors of dawn represent. Oh yes! The couch MUST be in this photograph. The palm trees tell a story of warmth, and take away from the fact that this is winter! The little bit that you can see of the building, tells me how important it is to stop during the course of my day, and look around me. How easy is it to walk around, almost with tunnel vision for the things that we ‘have’ to do? Easy! How easy is it to take a moment to notice what’s always there, and what’s newly there? Easy!

It strikes me as funny that the framing of the picture has to be off-centered….like life is some times.

This photo is a representation of a little postcard that’s created every morning I am at work. The sun rises every morning, preceded by that beautiful dawn, but I can’t say that everyone else sees the postcard.

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